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Exponential Organizations V2

The Second Edition adds new insight and data validating the ExO model. In 2015, OpenExO and its community ran an Exponential Quotient (ExQ) assessment, validated by Hult Business school, for the Fortune 100 companies.

The ExQ examines these companies in terms of their exponential attributes. In 2021, a follow-up on the ExQ analysis revealed that the top 10 most exponential F100 companies have 40x Higher Shareholder Returns. They have 3x Better Revenue Growth, 6.4x More Profitability, and 10.9x Higher Asset Utilization than the bottom 10. If you want results like this, the goal is clear, become an Exponential Organization.


EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation) is a system that has been created, curated and matured for the last 20 years to help move academic research to the market and thus, provide a solution to real and relevant problems.

  • 20+ years in the making
  • 200+ methodologies
  • 1,700+ tools

Exponential Organizations

Exponential Organizations was written as a guide to navigating the shifting business environment due to the introduction and proliferation of exponential technologies.

Exponential Transformation

Evolve your organization and suppress the immune system with an ExO Sprint.

  • Predict the future by creating it
  • Neutralize your organizational immune system
  • Change your culture through personal and professional transformation
  • Find the right business model that connects you to an economy of abundance than scarcity
  • Shift the mindset within your organization from efficiency-based thinking to a focus on innovation

When you’re Exponential, you get results worth sharing!

  • Higher shareholder returns
  • Higher profitablity
  • Better revenue growth
  • Better asset turnover

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