ExO Builder helps organisations of all types develop and transform their culture, better their ideas, bring them to market and scale them successfully.

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ExO Builder

ExO Builder is a community of entrepreneurs that have designed and developed EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation), the system used for exponential venture creation. Dynamic strategic/practical processes by stages, profiles, sectors & categories.

ExO Builder is an organization that operates through a global network. We are creating a global mesh of Venture Studios that create Exponential StartUps by taking advantage of global markets and ecosystem inefficiencies.

We are based on the first and only digital venture builder in the world.

Our recipe has these ingredients:










Years of Experience








When you’re Exponential, you get results worth sharing!

  • Higher shareholder returns
  • Higher profitablity
  • Better revenue growth
  • Better asset turnover

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EBELI (Evidence Based Entrepreneurship & Lean Innovation) is a system that has been created, curated and matured for the last 20+ years to help move ideas and research to the market and thus, provide solutions to real and relevant problems.

  • 20+ years in the making
  • 200+ methodologies
  • 1,700+ tools
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Canou is a collaborative innovation, growth and idea-building platform for ambitious ventures.

We support the design, development and scaling of business models. We’re here to encourage collaborative innovation in business and transform ideas into business growth. We work with organizations of all types and sizes, from startup innovations to full-blown ventures.

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Receive an amazing free EBELI resource that will kickstart your journey to entrepreneurial success.

  • Tools that will help you to clarify your business ideas

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


The ExO Builder Certification process is based on an entrepreneurial and abundance mindset. We take ideas from the lab and bring them to market by talking to potential customers, partners, and competitors and facing the challenges and uncertainties of creating successful innovations. Obtain your ExO Builder certificate on your journey to deliver EBELI services and start transforming the world for a better future.

20+ years in venture building

allowed us to perfect and curate books, tools, tips, hacks, 200+ methodologies and 1.7K+ tools from the world’s greatest minds in a structured linear process.

100K+ people

including mentors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, advisors, government officials, corporate employees, etc. impacted by EBELI was the reason we were able to create a high-impact tech-based startup-factory that can develop regional economies and value chains for exponential growth.


TrailBlazers are the face of our ecosystem and our catalyzers of exponential transformation. Their Massive Transformative Objective is to build networks, identify entrepreneurial communities and help them thrive through continuous business model innovation through cohorts or guided training.

Recognizing the benefits of cooperation in the support and advancement of mutual goals including strengthening the relationship between both organizations, fostering a positive economic environment, and developing exchange relationships and business opportunities, desiring to enhance the relationship between the Parties for developing and strengthening cooperation in the field of trade, innovation and technology, and pursuant to the prevailing laws and regulations in their respective territories.

Venture Studios

We have evolved venture building into an exponential, repeatable and scalable tool for teams that want to improve the world. We created a high-impact technology-based startup factory that can develop regional economies and value chains for exponential growth.

We help entrepreneurs and leaders work together to achieve mutual benefits and generate greater impact. We understand how companies can benefit from collaboration with StartUps and how StartUps can gain momentum when supported.

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