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A community with currently 17000+ strong willing to help each other and transform the world. Check out our Consultant and coach certified members and their public profile in our Community searcher.

Meet our Operations team

Salim Ismail

Co-Founder & Chairman

Kent Langley

Co-Founder, President, COO, & Chief Science Officer

Anastasia Adamova

Certifications Manager

Craig Johnson

Marketing Operations

Francisco “Paco“ Jurado

VP Finance

Gillian Robb

Data Analyst, Event Coordinator

Jaroslav Dokoupil

Chief Learning Officer, Training and Certifications

Javier Pena

IT and Customer Support Director

Javier Sujar

Senior Software & DevOps Engineer


Kevin Allen

Chief Community Officer


Katherine Nefdt


Lisa Pereira

Editor in Chief

Michael Borowski

Product Design Manager

Michael Nichols

Legal Counsel

Michelle Fox

Associate Founder

Nick Rathman

Director of Development

Reyner Nefdt

Marketing Operations

Stuart Lacey

Chief Growth Officer

Tudor Boloni


Valeria Gutierrez

Member Success Coordinator

Meet our board of Advisors

Peter Diamandis

Exponential Technologies

Austin Hill


Brian Behlendorf


Frederic Emam-Zade

Emerging Economies

Maria Sendra


Alan Laubsch


Philip Rosedale

Virtual Economy

Julie Hanna


Sonal Shah


When you’re Exponential, you get results worth sharing!

  • Higher shareholder returns
  • Higher profitablity
  • Better revenue growth
  • Better asset turnover

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