Become an ExO Sprint Coach

Take your knowledge to the next level and become a leader in the ExO Sprint transformation process in order to run ExO Sprints for your clients with the help of online tools and content.

Please note: You’ll need to have completed the ExO Consultant Certification as a prerequisite to before you can apply for this course.


Start your transformation journey

100% Online

Individual assignments. Working with your own client organization. Videos + discussions




6 weeks
(10-16 hours/week)


1-1 weekly calls with your ExO Trainer
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What will you learn inside the programme?

Master the ExO Sprint Transformation process that will allow you to move an organization 3 years into the future in 10 weeks.

  • How to present a ‘case for transformation’ to your clients in a way that gets them interested in an ExO Sprint process.
  • How the ExO Sprint process achieves its transformation objectives and what is the sequence of steps the client goes through.
  • How to market and price your own ExO Sprints and customise your selling approach to different markets and types of clients.
  • How the ExO Sprint process feels like for a company participant going through it and why it is structured in that way.
  • How to ideate innovative and disruptive ideas that can bring your clients into the future.
  • How to design innovative and disruptive initiatives to for your clients to create the future of their industries.
  • How to coach a team of participants through an ExO Sprint in a way that leaves them feeling successful and inspired.
  • How to discover what customers really want and validate your initial hypothesis about your initiatives.
  • How to prepare a 5-minute ‘elevator pitch’ presentation that leaves your audience inspired to support them further.

Who should get certified as an ExO Consultant?

Established Freelance Consultants

Provide additional services to your client base on innovation strategy and disruption and link your brand with the ExO Model to obtain external credibility.

Internal Innovation Consultants

If you work for a large organization looking to transform, the ExO Certifications will help you develop the capabilities you need to make this change happen from within.

Innovation and Strategy Consultants

Add ExO Services to your portfolio and benefit from a large community of entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and thought-leaders to fuel your further growth.

Entrepreneurs and Company Owners

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs and company owners looking for growing their organisations and innovating from within.

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Master the ExO Sprint Transformation process that will allow you to move an organization 3 years into the future in 10 weeks.

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Learn the impact exponential technologies have on modern organizations and get introduced to the ExO Movement and the ExO Model.