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Master the ExO model and get access to the Exponential Quotient Assessment, helping your clients to score themselves and identify where the biggest opportunities for exponential growth lie.

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What you will receive?

  • Official OpenExO Consultant Course
  • ExO Foundation Certification
  • ExO Case Studies Compilation
  • Awake Presentation Kit
  • ExO Consultant Essential Learning Resource Pack
  • ExO Strategy Design Product Manual
  • ExQ Assessment Guide
  • OpenExO Marketplace Guide

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4 weeks
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What will you receive & learn inside the programme?

Become a leader in the ExO Model to run meaningful projects in private organizations and public institutions.

  • Access to our ExO Foundations Certificaion at no additional charge, given that you have not already completed ExO Foundations.
  • How to create a Business Model Canvas for a consulting client to capture their entire business on one page.
  • How to run an ‘Awake’ session to introduce a client to technology disruption and how it impacts organizations in every industry.
  • How to introduce the 11 ‘secrets’ of some of the most innovative, iconic and fastest growing organizations in the market today.
  • How to help your future clients apply the 11 ExO attributes to their existing business.
  • How to package and price what you have learned during the programme and start to offer it to potential clients.
  • How to assess your client’s business using our proprietary ExQ assessment and help them prioritize which attributes to focus on going forward.
  • How to tap into the unique expertise of more than 2,000 certified consultants within our global marketplace to bring additional insights to your client.
  • How to close the ExO client engagement in a way that opens opportunities for future paid work.

Who should get certified as an ExO Consultant?

Established Freelance Consultants

Provide additional services to your client base on innovation strategy and disruption and link your brand with the ExO Model to obtain external credibility.

Internal Innovation Consultants

If you work for a large organization looking to transform, the ExO Certifications will help you develop the capabilities you need to make this change happen from within.

Innovation and Strategy Consultants

Add ExO Services to your portfolio and benefit from a large community of entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and thought-leaders to fuel your further growth.

Entrepreneurs and Company Owners

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs and company owners looking for growing their organisations and innovating from within.

Programmes available in

ExO Certification in Spanish

ExO Certification in English

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Learn the impact exponential technologies have on modern organizations and get introduced to the ExO Movement and the ExO Model.

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