XOXO Token Migration Help Page

Welcome to the Help page. Please watch the video below that outlines the entire migration process on openexo.com/xoxo. If you are using the Electrum wallet you can watch that video once complete with the first video. Please watch the videos and take a look at the FAQs for assistance. If your issue is not resolved by either please ask your question in our Discord.

Is there a deadline to complete the Migration of EXOS to XOXO?

Yes there is a deadline, we would like all EXOS holders to migrate your EXOS as soon as possible and will be closing the migration Portal on the 15 August 2024.

Will you contact me directly on Discord?

We will never DM you on Discord (or elsewhere for that matter) and ask you to join another server or to provide any wallet details, or to send any tokens or money in any form outside of official channels.

What is the reason behind migrating EXOS to the Casper Network and rebranding to XOXO?

This allows us to tap into the Casper network and supports our goals for the token, the change to XOXO was due to the fact that when adding a $ to EXOS the resulting word is likely to be blocked by search engines and cause unnecesary issues.

What will happen to my existing EXOS tokens if I don’t participate in the swap?

After the migration period, EXOS tokens will no longer be supported or have any value. It is crucial for all EXOS holders to participate in the swap within the specified timeframe to ensure their tokens are converted to XOXO.

How will the migration process from EXOS to XOXO work?

The migration process will involve a token swap, where EXOS holders can exchange their tokens for XOXO tokens on a 1:10 basis. The EXOS tokens are burned in the process. Watch the video to complete the migration.

What benefits does the Casper Network offer

The Casper Network offers several advantages, including improved scalability and enhanced security features. It also supports upgradable smart contracts and provides greater flexibility for developers, which will help in the growth and development of the XOXO ecosystem.

How will this migration impact ongoing and future projects within the ecosystem?

The migration to the Casper Network will provide a more efficient and secure foundation for ongoing and future projects. This will enable us to introduce new features, enhance existing services, and attract more developers to build on the XOXO ecosystem, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

Where can I find more information and updates about the migration and rebranding?

For the latest information and updates, please visit our Discord Channel. We will also send out regular newsletters and updates to keep our community informed throughout the migration and rebranding process.

What do I do if my EXOS Core Wallet has a Communication Error or tokens remain transfers remain unconfirmed

Please click on the three dots and then tools and resync your wallet. What likely has happened is that a transaction failed and the cache of the wallet on your computer is causing a communication issue. This should fix the issue.

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