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ExO MTP, SCALE, and IDEAS Attributes

Exponential Organizations (ExOs) are characterized by their ability to leverage technology and innovation to achieve rapid growth and disrupt industries. The three key attributes that define ExOs are:

Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

This is your “why”. It’s what motivates you. It’s what drives a community who share the same vision around you.

  • Defines the organization’s overarching goal to positively impact the world.
  • Provides a clear sense of purpose, inspiring stakeholders and guiding strategic decisions.
  • Fosters alignment and motivation among employees towards a common objective.


Staff on Demand, Community & Crowd, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, Engagement

  • Emphasizes the use of external resources, such as freelancers, communities, and algorithms, to scale operations efficiently.
  • Enables ExOs to achieve exponential growth without corresponding increases in internal resources.


Interfaces, Dashboards, Experimentation, Autonomy, Social

  • Highlights the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and agility within the organization.
  • Encourages the development of user-friendly interfaces, data-driven decision-making dashboards, rapid experimentation, autonomous teams, and strong social connections.
  • Facilitates adaptability and responsiveness to changing market conditions and emerging opportunities.

Companies Following the Framework

These companies demonstrate how implementing the ExO framework can drive disruptive innovation and rapid growth in diverse industries.

Airbnb – Airbnb’s MTP is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. It utilizes SCALE attributes by leveraging community and crowd to provide accommodation services without owning any real estate assets.

Google – Google’s MTP is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. It applies IDEAS attributes by fostering a culture of experimentation and autonomy among its employees, leading to innovations like Gmail, Google Maps, and self-driving cars.

Tesla – Tesla’s MTP is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. It employs SCALE attributes by utilizing leveraged assets in its Gigafactories and engaging communities to advance electric vehicle technology.

Netflix – Netflix’s MTP is to entertain the world. It incorporates IDEAS attributes by constantly experimenting with new content interfaces, leveraging algorithms for personalized recommendations, and fostering social engagement through interactive features and social media integration.

ExO Foundations Certification

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The ExO Foundations Certification program consists of four parts. There are 9 videos, a quiz, and assessment, and the completion of an Exponential Quotient Survey

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Companies following the ExO Strategies

Hewlett Packard

The ExO Sprint for the Large Format Design Printing Business of HP Inc. took place in Barcelona, Spain, over the course of 10 weeks.


Tell us about your company or the project you are working on: The first virtual therapists, aquatic and land mode, using a mixed reality lense, natural language processing, and machine learning.


Tell us about your company or the project you are working on: Launching ABBY, our new lightweight, portable smart wheelchair platform. ABBY combines robotics power-assist, cameras, sensors, full machine learning, and loT.

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