Introducing the Exponential Executive Program with Salim Ismail, David S. Rose

Help an organization implement ExO

 Pre Step! Join OpenExO

Joining OpenExO serves as a powerful initial stride toward aiding an organization in implementing Exponential Organization (ExO) principles.

This collaborative platform provides a rich ecosystem of knowledge, resources, and a network of experienced professionals, offering you valuable insights and tools essential for guiding an organization through the transformative process. By becoming a part of OpenExO, you position yourself at the forefront of understanding and applying ExO methodologies, setting the stage for effectively contributing to organizational evolution and success.

Learn and get to know ExO through the 10 attributes!

Diving into the understanding of Exponential Organizations (ExO) through the exploration of the 10 attributes is an excellent initial step toward assisting an organization in implementing ExO principles. This foundational knowledge equips you with key insights into scalability, external network utilization, and innovative practices, providing a solid grounding for guiding and facilitating the integration of ExO concepts within an organizational context. By prioritizing these attributes, you establish a robust starting point for effectively contributing to the successful implementation of Exponential Organization methodologies within the organization you aim to assist.

Connect with people in the community! Check out Community Profiles and Join Discord for live discussions!

The next vital step in aiding an organization to implement Exponential Organization (ExO) principles is to connect with the community. Explore Community Profiles and actively engage in live discussions on Discord. This not only broadens your network within the ExO community but also exposes you to diverse perspectives and real-world experiences. By connecting with like-minded individuals, you enhance your ability to share insights, learn collaboratively, and gather valuable knowledge that can be instrumental in guiding the organization through its ExO implementation journey.

Join events, AMA’s, and guest speaker calls, check out the Calendar to see what’s coming up next!

The final crucial step in assisting an organization to implement Exponential Organization (ExO) principles is active participation in events, AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), and guest speaker calls. Regularly checking the calendar for upcoming opportunities ensures you stay informed about the latest developments and insights. By immersing yourself in these activities, you gain access to cutting-edge ideas, practical advice, and real-world experiences. This engagement not only deepens your understanding of ExO but also equips you with the knowledge and perspectives necessary to guide the organization effectively on its path toward successful implementation of Exponential Organization methodologies.


Congratulations on successfully completing these essential steps and embarking on your journey to assist organizations in implementing Exponential Organization (ExO) principles! By immersing yourself in the 10 attributes, connecting with the vibrant community, and actively participating in events and discussions, you’ve positioned yourself as a valuable contributor to the transformative process. Your commitment and engagement set the stage for effectively guiding organizations toward the successful implementation of ExO methodologies. Best of luck on this impactful journey ahead!