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  • How information enablement drives exponential growth in technologies powering our world.
  • How exponential technologies can lead to abundance of key domains of our society such as healthcare, water, energy and education.
  • How difficult it is for us to grasp the difference between linear and exponential pace of change.
  • How rapid growth of exponential technologies impacts our society and markets.
  • How to define a first version of your own Massive Transformative Purpose.
  • How exponential organizations smartly use 11 key attributes to scale as fast as technology can.
  • How the growth of exponential organisations impacts the way we run our businesses and institutions.
  • How exponential organizations consistently outperform traditional companies.
  • How legacy businesses can benefit from the key attributes of exponential organizations.
  • How a new breed of organizations achieve unprecedented results and speed of growth by tapping into exponential technologies.

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