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As you are aware, our global community of certified consultants and coaches continuously scans for organizations in their respective geographies, across industries, and across sizes that exemplify exponential thinking and doing. And when they come across one – we request them to briefly document the endeavors of that Exponential Organization.

With the support of our highly engaged community members and as part of our goal of inspiring, igniting, and enabling exponential transformations – we now offer you the capability to look at these Exponential Organizations.

Potentially, some or many of the practices of the Exponential Organizations being shared resonate with and inspire you.

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The specific Exponential Organizations have been identified, and their best practices established by hundreds of our ExO Consultants and Coaches. We would like to sincerely appreciate and thank them for their contributions.


This database of Exponential Organizations has been created by the members of the OpenExO Community. There may be errors in this database, we give users the ability to add any corrections to this. As a crowd sourced product OpenExO Inc is not responsible for the information contained.