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Transform yourself and your organization to conquer the rapidly evolving world of technology with our Executive Program. In collaboration with OpenExO and the Texas Tribune.


Hey there, it’s Salim.

Ready to elevate your leadership game? The Exponential Executive Program, hosted by yours truly, Salim Ismail, is your gateway to unprecedented business success. Here’s why you absolutely can’t afford to miss out:

  • Designed for Visionary Leaders: This program is custom-crafted for leaders who dare to challenge the status quo and envision the future. Whether you’re shaping strategy or steering your organization toward success, this is your chance to equip yourself with the insights and tools needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world.
  • Unlock Unparalleled Business Success: This isn’t just another seminar – it’s a transformative journey that will revolutionize your approach to leadership and business. Gain invaluable knowledge and strategies to surge past the competition and achieve unparalleled success.
  • Expert Guidance from Industry Pioneers: With yours truly at the helm and powered by OpenExO in collaboration with the Texas Tribune, this program unites top minds and industry pioneers to navigate you through the intricacies of today’s business landscape.
  • Reorient Your Future: Seize control of your destiny as a leader and position yourself at the vanguard of innovation. Learn how to harness exponentially advancing technologies to fuel growth and make a lasting impact.

Don’t squander this chance to redefine your leadership and reshape the future of your organization. Secure your spot at the Exponential Executive Program today and unlock your full potential.

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“The Executive Program hosted by Salim was the single best educational experience I ever had, period.”

Will Henshall  ·  CEO Focus@WIll

  • When? Monday - Friday / 7th - 11th October, 2024
  • Where? In Person - Austin Texas

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*Virtual attendance options available

Brands that trust our approach

What type of returns and success are companies we work with earning after our process

Organizations implementing the formula have delivered over:


Higher shareholder returns


Better revenue growth


Higher profitability


Better asset turnover

Embark on an Exponential Journey with Salim Ismail and Featured Speakers at the Exponential Executive Program, offered by OpenExO in partnership with the Texas Tribune. This transformative program is specifically designed for growth mindset leaders like you.

Invest in Your Future, Invest in Your Organization’s Success. Over the course of this five-day program, you’ll delve deep into the Exponential Organization framework and cultivate an adaptable mindset. This unique combination equips you with the confidence to navigate uncertainty and chart a course for personal and organizational advancement. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach and propel your business towards unprecedented growth.

Meet a few of our esteemed speakers

Unlock unprecedented success with the Exponential Executive Program. Meet the visionary speakers shaping your journey in the dynamic world of business leadership.

Shuo Chen

General Partner at IOVC, where she invests in early stage startups in Silicon Valley with a focus on future of work and enterprise/SaaS. She also teaches entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

Dr. Pablo Breuer

Executive at a publicly traded Fortune 50 company. A 22-year veteran of the Navy, Pablo’s tours included top-level positions at U.S. Special Operations Command Donovan Group, SOFWERX, the NSA, US Cyber Command and US Naval Forces Central Command. He is a DoD Cyber Cup and two-time Defcon Black Badge winner

Dr. Ja-Nae Duane

Four-time entrepreneur and angel investor, with over 13 years of innovation experience in various domains, including future forecasting, digital transformation, innovation strategy, product development, and consumer experience.

Dr. Michael Housman

15 years of applying data science across a variety of different verticals, I’ve found that the combination of human + machine can be far more effective than either one by itself.

Dr. Tiffany Vora

Vice Chair of Digital Biology and Medicine and Faculty at the Disruptive Tech Program at EY Tech University.

Dr. Mark Jackson

Scientific Lead of Business Development at Cambridge Quantum Computing and Senior Quantum Evangelist at Quantinuum.

Sally Dominguez

Futurist and award-winning inventor with a dual background in Architecture and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Michael Gillam

CEO and Founder of HealthLab, helped build companies acquired by WebMD and Microsoft, and is a former founding director of the Microsoft Healthcare Innovation Lab.

David S. Rose

Entrepreneur, angel investor, real estate developer, author and keynote speaker.

Salim Ismail

Chairman and Co-Founder, OpenExO. Investor. Board Member X-Prize. Author Exponential Organizations.

Andrew Hessel

Pioneer in synthetic biology, a futurist, microbiologist, geneticist, inventor and entrepreneur.

Sylvia Benito

Chief Investment Officer, public speaker, and thought leader.

Daniel Kraft

Stanford and Harvard trained physician, scientist, entrepreneur, inventor and innovator.

Hod Lipson

Robotics engineer. Director of Columbia University’s Creative Machines Lab.

Program Highlights:

Join us for an immersive experience at the Exponential Executive Program, where you’ll have the opportunity to engage with 25 subject matter experts who are shaping the future of business. Through workshops and interactive sessions, dive into the latest technologies and gain hands-on experience that will equip you to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In addition to enriching daytime sessions, evenings are filled with captivating conversations and opportunities to forge unexpected connections with fellow participants.

Key Topics:

  • Exponential Technologies: Explore 20 Gutenberg Moments and their implications for the future.
  • Gen AI: Learn how to integrate artificial intelligence into your organization.
  • Digital Biology and Bioengineering: Gain insights into the future of biotechnology.
  • Future of Medicine and Health: Discover trends in longevity and health.
  • The Future of Truth, Trust, and Social Media: Explore the intersection of media and trust in the digital age.
  • Future of Web3 and Blockchain: Delve into the evolution of blockchain technology and its impact on currency and beyond.
  • Climate and Energy: Discuss the future of energy and its relationship to climate change.
  • VR and Immersive Reality: Explore the possibilities of virtual reality and immersive experiences.
  • Exponential Organizations: Learn strategies to 10x your organization in the digital era.
  • Employee Retention and Engagement: Discover innovative approaches to retaining and engaging talent.
  • Cybersecurity: Address the challenges and opportunities presented by the future of cybercrime.
  • When? Monday - Friday / 7th - 11th October, 2024
  • Where? In Person - Austin Texas

Transformation is one Click away

*Virtual attendance options available

Don’t just take our word for it…

Unlock unprecedented success with the Exponential Executive Program. Meet the visionary speakers shaping your journey in the dynamic world of business leadership.


Camille Mirshokrai

[former] Chief Strategy Officer – Accenture Growth Markets

“We took our most senior leaders across multiple markets and immersed them in the ExO model–we absolutely feel the ExO training was instrumental in growing the business exponentially.”

Ray Kurzweil

Director of Engineering, Google

“Exponential Organizations should be required for anyone interested in the ways exponential technologies are reinventing best practices in business.”


Marco Bizzarri

CEO, Gucci

“The talk by Salim totally blew our minds. It’s helped us steer the entire organization in a new way. I will turn Gucci into an exponential organization.”

Paul Polman

[former] CEO Unilever

“I have found ExO to be extremely valuable. I’ve made it required reading for senior management and we are implementing many of its principles”


Elevate Your Leadership and Business Acumen with the Exclusive Exponential Executive Program

Embark on a transformative journey and unlock the keys to unparalleled success. Join us for this immersive five-day program where you’ll gain invaluable insights, hands-on experience, and connections that will propel you and your organization toward new heights.

Apply Now and Invest in Your Success!

Seats are limited, so secure your spot today to ensure you don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your leadership and business acumen.

  • When? Monday - Friday / 7th - 11th October, 2024
  • Where? In Person - Austin Texas

Transformation is one Click away

*Virtual attendance options available

Others who Enjoy ExO!

Simone Lehnert

“Great experience and right length and depth for professionals”

Jaques Malan

“Every aspect of business will be integrated”

Scott Wolf

“Design and deployment of business models of the FUTURE.”

Alistair Hofert

“This event amplified my mind to no end”

George P Brown PhD

“If I did not engage now, I feel that I would be left in the dust of those other institutions that do.”

Valentine Stockdale

“That was the best event I have ever attended”

Our proven track record

OpenExO, under the visionary leadership of Salim Ismail, has established itself as a trailblazer in driving exponential growth and fostering innovation. Founded in 2014, OpenExO quickly emerged as a global transformation ecosystem, empowering organizations and individuals alike to embrace the possibilities of exponential growth.

With Salim at the helm, OpenExO’s community has flourished, attracting thousands of members worldwide. This vibrant network serves as a beacon for visionary leaders and experts, providing a collaborative environment where innovation thrives.

In 2016, Salim further solidified OpenExO’s impact with the launch of ExO Works, a consultancy dedicated to integrating exponential strategies into established organizations. This strategic move reinforced OpenExO’s position as a leader in exponential technologies and underscored its commitment to driving meaningful change.

Through these initiatives, Salim Ismail and OpenExO have cultivated a remarkable community, driving substantial impact and fostering a culture of exponential growth. With a continued focus on innovation and collaboration, Salim Ismail and OpenExO remain at the forefront of digital transformation, shaping the future of business in an ever-evolving landscape.

“ExO is the best filter in the world, right now, if you want to make a real impact on the world fast. I only build businesses as Exponential Organizations.”

Nuno Martins, PH.D., CEO Neuronanorobotics

“The ExO Sprint really exceeded my expectations. The senior leadership team and myself couldn’t be more thrilled about the ExO Sprint.”

Tim Hockey, CEO, TD Ameritrade

“In a few hours, you delivered the same value that consultants usually provide after six months and half a million dollars.”

Partner, Accenture

“We exceeded our goals…it was a big awakening for the entire organization.”

M. Perez, Head of Strategy, Rassini

  • When? Monday - Friday / 7th - 11th October, 2024
  • Where? In Person - Austin Texas

Transformation is one Click away

*Virtual attendance options available

“Only 10% of the challenge is the underlying ideas. 90% of the challenge is bringing the company along…Salim and his team were the solution to unfreezing it.”

—Tony Saldanha, VP Global Business Services, P&G

“This is the new gold standard for digital global summits – period.”

—Alistair Hofert

“This conference is AMAZING.”

— Bill Gross

“I have absolutely no hesitation in saying this was a game-changing event, not simply for the mind-blowing content, agenda and format but also the platform, deep connections even though virtual.”

—Jabeen Quadir

“This pioneering, unique and truly inspiring event occurred perfectly at this time in our evolution. A real global catalyst. It was done with great taste, humility and authenticity.”

—Julie Hamilton

“Fantastic way to attend the conference and had a full on conference ‘feel’ to the overall experience. It created a feeling of ‘belonging’ on a global scale that is hard to obtain within my own work environment. Thank You!”

—Marlene Ahern

“A conference, rather a festival like no other!”

– Suman Sasmal

Amazing content and people, it has been a breakthrough experience in terms of emotional engagement….I felt deeply sorry it was over… which never really occurred to me in traditional events

– Augusto Fazioli

“What a fabulous chance for exponential thinkers to ideate the best possible future together. “

-Emilie Sydney-Smith

“It is super inspiring, not only the content and the interactions but also for developing new formats for building community and making movements happen at large scale. Next stop abundance!”

– Lars Lin Villebaek

“Trailblazing event”

– Matthias Schneider

Definitively exceeded my expectations in every way!

– Pedro Lopez Sela

Very high quality Summit, amazing speakers, and great experience!! Was inspired by different ways we can envision the future, from sci fi to making our own comics, to taking psychedelics or other means to peek into and unleash our soul

– Farnaz Niro Ghadaki

“”That was the best event I have ever attended””

– Valentine Stockdale, Managing Director, Strategy at Blueprints

“Amazing. Speakers were inspiring. Ideas were thought-provoking. Virtual conference in the comfort of my home. Game changer!””

– Caroline Rañada, History Teacher at ICA Greenhills

“Brilliant, much better than face-2-face in a lot of ways :-)””

– Anastasia Utesheva, Co-Founder at DnA Pathways

“This event was not from this planet, I have not experienced anything like this before – just extraterrestrial”

-Simon Nopp

“Every person on the planet should be part of this event of you want to be ready for your future. Awesome talks, great networking and overall great experience. “

-Werner Smit

  • When? Monday - Friday / 7th - 11th October, 2024
  • Where? In Person - Austin Texas

Transformation is one Click away

*Virtual attendance options available