Event Series PRO Mastermind

PRO Mastermind


Our Pro tier is for any community member who plans to use the ExO framework in a professional setting. Whether you are building a new ExO, transforming your company into one or work with clients who want to understand and implement the ExO framework, this collaborative Mastermind lead by certified ExO coaches will help you apply the ExO model directly to your unique situation and help answer any questions you may have. Only our esteemed Pro members have the key to unlock the interactive and LIVE ExO Masterminds! If you haven't unlocked this exclusive door yet, fear not! We encourage you to upgrade your membership and bask in the brilliance of Pro status here. REGISTER HERE

Event Series ExO Networking Call

ExO Networking Call


Do you want to be an active community member, meet other like-minded people and create valuable connections? If you haven't yet joined our weekly Networking calls then you should do it now! REGISTER HERE Here's what you can expect from our Networking calls: An opportunity to introduce yourself, your company, project, or startup. A chance to share your contact details, social profiles, and website with others. Speed-dating sessions to get to know other members. An open forum to ask any ExO related questions. The opportunity to find valuable connections in your country, region, or industry. Meaningful discussions with like-minded people. The chance to find future project collaborators. Guidelines about ExO. REGISTER HERE