ExO Masterclass with Ross Thornley ‘Leveraging AQ for Exponential Success: Elevating ExO Sprints and Organizational Resilience’


Join us for a must attend transformative session where Ross Thornley shares how to unite Adaptability Intelligence (AQ) insights with ExO Sprints for exponential success. Featuring three special guests, Lars Lin, Jun Suto, and Ann Reilly, AQ Certified Partners from the ExO community, who will share case studies and impact stories. Discover how integrating AQ elevates organizational resilience, innovation and enhances sprint methodologies. Don't miss this opportunity to level-up your strategic toolkit for thriving in in 2024! REGISTER HERE ExO Masterclasses are engaging, biweekly leader-led talks that provide invaluable learning opportunities, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. These sessions are exclusively tailored for our Premium and Professional Tier members, who enjoy comprehensive access to the resources necessary for successful Exponential Organizations implementation. If you are not Premium or Pro yet, we encourage you to upgrade your membership: https://bit.ly/exo-tiers