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Tailored AI Readiness Diagnostic for SMEs Looking to Grow, Compete, and Survive

With AI-Ready Powered by OpenExO, we bridge the gap between your current operations and your potential. SMEs face the challenges of growth, competition, and survival in rapidly evolving markets,

Whether you’re taking cautious steps towards expansion, seeking a competitive edge, or fighting for survival in the digital age, OpenExO is your bluechip partner in transformation. Discover how our tailored solutions can redefine your business landscape and propel you towards unprecedented success.

We solve three key need states.

I want to grow

Explore AI’s scalability potentials to expand your capabilities and reach new heights.

I want to be more efficient

Harness AI to streamline operations and enhance productivity with precision.

I want to survive and compete

Leverage AI insights to outsmart competition and secure your market position.

AI-Ready focuses intently on your specific pain points, offering solutions and immediate value that ensure significant business impact, supported by our Mindset Shift Sessions and detailed Outcomes Report Meetings.

  • Why work with OpenExO?
  • A proven approach that has driven innovation through design sessions with hundreds of clients across 130 countries and in 10 languages.
  • Recognized as the gold standard in AI readiness, we don't just enhance your business operations; we transform them.
  • Our approach is provider agnostic, and designed to drive immediate value across the most important business areas to you.

Brands that trust our approach

AI-Ready Delivers the Following: 


Diagnostic Assessment 


Optimization and strategy roadmap


In depth and ongoing support for implementation and value assurance

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Our community of technology specialist, industry leaders, coaches and more serves the full spectrum of enterprises from global to startup.

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